The curriculum at Mt. Carmel Christian School is a blend of A Beka Book, BJU Press, Merrill and Rosetta
Stone Classroom.  Grades are combined for some subjects, for example:  grades three and four are
combined in their classroom, and they study History, Science and Bible together with the curriculum
alternating every other year between grades three and four.  The students are in different rooms with
different teachers for Math and Reading.  For Spelling, Handwriting, Language Arts, and Art they are in the
same room, but work separately on separate curricula.  A similar arrangement is followed for grades one
and two, and grades five and six.

In the Junior High, classes like Bible and History are combined, but subjects like English and Math are
taught separately.  Seventh graders do basic Math including units on Algebra, Plane and Solid Geometry,
Statistics and Trigonometry.  Eighth graders may either be enrolled in Pre-Algebra or Algebra I.

The High School offers classes in the following subjects:
"My favorite thing about
going to school here is the
teachers care about you
and your grade in their
class.  I've had experience
in public school and I never
had teachers who gave me
the attention I needed..."
-Jason R.
Class of 2006
"I grew up in this school and
have a close relationship
with all the teachers, but the
weird thing is, the new
students have just as close a
bond.  The teachers are very
willing to help any student
with their work.  I have
learned so much from my
classes here.  It has been
difficult at times with the
work, but with the help of the
teachers I made it through.  I
am glad that the teachers
really care for me and other
-Katrina S.
Class of 2005
World Geography
World History
United States History
World Studies
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
Spelling and Vocabulary
Grammar Mechanics and Usage
Writing Skills
World Literature
American Literature  
British Literature
Physical Science
Life Science
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Business Math
Consumer Math
Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus)
Filipino (Tagalog) • French • German • Greek Hebrew
Hindi • Irish (Gaelic)
Latin • Persian (Farsi)
Polish • Portuguese (Brazil)
Russian • Spanish (Latin America) • Spanish (Spain)
Swedish • Turkish • Vietnamese
Lessons from the Early Church
Themes from the Old Testament
Directions for Early Christians
Patterns for Christian Living
"At BJU Press, we believe that
teaching students to love to learn,
to think critically about the world
around them, and to see everything
within the context of a biblical
world-view are the most important
things we can accomplish..."
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"Christian schools throughout the
nation recognize that
A Beka Book
sets the standard of excellence in
the publishing of textbooks and
other materials for Christian
schools.  At
A Beka Book, we are
unashamedly Christian and
traditional in our approach to
education." -
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Kindergarten Campfire
is lots of fun and a great way
to learn!
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Advantages of Combined Classrooms

Having two grades in a
classroom offers some advantages
to our students.  In any classroom
there are a wide spectrum of
abilities.  By having two grades in
one classroom, students who are
advanced are able to learn
things from the next grade.  
Conversely, if a student is
struggling with a subject, they can
get reinforcement from the lower
grade level while keeping up with
their regular classwork.

There are also many skills that can
be worked on together.  Subjects
such as history, Bible, and science
are taught together.

Parents often ask what students
do while the other group is being
taught.  Often the teacher will give
directions for an activity with one
group, and as they work
independently, she will teach the
other group.  We also use learning
centers and other learning
activities for the children.  

Because we teach a strong phonics
approach to reading, the children
become good readers and enjoy
spending time reading.  Some of the
additional benefits are that students
learn to read and follow direction on
activities, they learn to work well
independently, and they learn
to work cooperatively.  

We have found the combined
classrooms to be very positive
for our students.
Mt. Carmel Christian School
1231 Mt. Pleasant Road
Mt. Pleasant, PA  15666
(724) 887-7169
The goal of education is that graduates possess the fundamental
skills and practiced abilities to achieve further
educational and life goals, as well as a strong biblical
and social conscience.  We have proven this out in our
35 years of educating.  Our students meet or exceed
norms on standardized testing and SAT’s.  Our 2009
SAT results show that even though all of our students
are required to complete the SAT, and these results are being compared
with public districts where typically
only college-bound students complete the SAT;
Mt. Carmel averages highest in Critical Reading, third in
Math, and second in Writing compared with the ten
public districts that we serve.  We are resourceful,
frugal and inventive.  The parents of our students are
just as determined as we to find ways to establish
favorable circumstances for their children, and this teamwork h
as rewarded us regularly with bright
and forward-looking graduates, many of whom are
accepted into schools such as Grove City College, Bob
Jones University, United States Air Force Academy, or Vassar College.