History and Vision of Mt. Carmel Christian School

    Mt. Carmel Christian School is a private, independent, Christian school located in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1974 by Dr. William Hoffman,
    former pastor of Mt. Carmel Community Church, the school enrolls students in grades K-12.  The late Dr. Hoffman saw the need in his community to offer
    high quality education grounded in the tenets of the Christian faith as an alternative to public education.  The school is a member of the Keystone
    Christian Education Association, and the Fundamental Christian Athletic Association.

    In the 1974-1975 school year, 27 students were enrolled at Mt. Carmel Christian School.  Classes originally were held in the church building, and then a
    mobile unit was added outside that contained three more classrooms.  Finally, in 1981 the school moved to a new building called Pritts Hall, with ten
    classrooms, a library, a science lab and full-size gymnasium.  A computer lab with Internet access is also available, as well as a playground and beautiful
    regulation-size soccer field.  

    Mt. Carmel receives publicly-funded busing from nine surrounding school districts:   Connellsville Area, Frazier, Greensburg Salem, Hempfield Area,
    Laurel Highlands, Mount Pleasant Area, Southmoreland, Uniontown and Yough.  Public school districts will provide busing if the border of the public
    district is ten miles or less to our school.

    Mt. Carmel Christian School is a place where children from all walks of life can come and thrive.  We believe that because we offer small class sizes and
    have the opportunity for more one on one communication with each student, the children are able to feel safe, special, and challenged to do their very
    best.  We further believe that students can be taught to love learning, and that if one raises the level of expectation, the students will rise to meet it.

    We have an outstanding faculty who are here not only because of their knowledge and passion, but more importantly because they have been called of
    God to minister to young people.  Our school employs nine full-time teachers and three part-time teachers; three of these have earned Masters level
    degrees and nine have earned Bachelors level degrees in their chosen fields of instruction.  

    Through a rigorous academic curriculum accompanied by Biblical instruction, high expectations for behavior, the arts and athletics, Mt. Carmel
    endeavors to instill in young people a desire for a close walk with Jesus Christ; a love of country and consciousness of citizenship; habits of industry
    and thoroughness; and a life-long love of learning.

    Our Mission and Goals
    We seek to:

    1.   Bring each student into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by teaching and modeling the relevant, life-changing power of His gospel.

    2.  Establish in each student Biblical Truth as a guide for life.

    3.  Instill in each student the desire to work and acquire knowledge at maximum ability.

    4.  Develop an admiration for our spiritual and cultural heritage, and deepen a sense of citizenship and loyalty to our country.

    5.  Cultivate an appreciation of the arts by exposing students to theater, classical and sacred music; and encouraging involvement in artistic expression.

    6.  Inspire in each student the exercising of self-restraint and consideration of others; and guide students' attitudes toward all people so that their
    actions mirror understanding and deference, and their conduct shows decency, integrity, and a sense of duty.  
Kindergarten Orientation
is a one-on-one
opportunity for your child
to meet his or her new
teacher and see their
classroom - with Mom and
Dad by their side,
of course!
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